Login, Registration and Permissions

When TeamsSport app starts for the first time, you will need to do 3 things - Login/Register, select your sport, select a trial/subscription plan.



You will need to sign-up to Technicoach TeamsCoach app.
NOTE: if you expect to sync data between multiple devices, you MUST use the same login credentials in each device. 



We NEVER share ANY data with ANY third party and we definitely do not sell email lists to marketeers.

Selecting a Sport

TeamsCoach runs with one sport activated at any one time. You can change your sport at any time once all is properly configured.

These sports are - Hockey, Basketball and Box Lacrosse (arena sports) and American or Canadian Footbal, Soccer, Rugby, Field Hockey or Outdoor Lacrosse.

Basketball offers both North American and International court templates to chose from.

Outdoor Lacross offers both Mens' and Womens' field templates to chose from.



At the moment we offer three different usage options, free, monthly or yearly.

The FREE option has all the same features as the paid subscriptions EXCEPT there is no cloud data storage or device to device data sync'ing.

Both paid subscriptions start with a two week trial period. Once that two week trial period ends, the subscription starts and you will be charged the monthly or yearly fee through the respective App store.

If you cancel within the respective trial period, you will not be charged and can use the free option. If you cancel while in your subscription period, you will not be charged again on your subscription and again you and can use the free option.