The TeamsCoach App!

From Technicoach

Designed for Android & iOS, phones & tablets!

The TeamsCoach app is designed to run on both the iOS and Android platforms and will run on smartphones and tablets running the latest platform software.

Any sport can be selected for any platform and device.

For best experience, arena sports like Hockey, Basketball, Ringette, Box Lacrosse and Netball, a smartphone is perfect for using the TeamsCoach app while a tablet is ideal for stadium sports like American or Canadian Football, Soccer, Rugby, Field Hockey and Field Lacrosse!

Using a smartphone, drawing is always in horizontal orientation simply because of the nature of the sports and proportional size of the playing surface. Tablets however, can be rotated and used in vertical or horizontal orientation. Your can draw simply by touching the screen. For better results, a good device-compatible stylus is recommended and the latest iPads with the Apple Pencil or Android tablets with the S-Pen offer the best experience using the App.

Lastly, all data is held ON your device AND online** through our sync-service. As long as you use the same login credentials from device to device, data will sync seamlessly between devices, even from an iOS phone to an Android tablet, as an example...**

Both subscription plans start with a free trial period before any subscription charges become effective. You can also cancel at anytime by managing subscriptions on your device. Give the TeamsCoach app a try! 

Watch our video overview here!

** For paid subscriptions only